Upload Jewelry


Primary Suppliers and RapNet Dealers can upload jewelry for sale on the RapNet website.

  • We provide you with a list of jewelry field values. Some jewelry fields are mandatory and if you do not fill in these fields, the item will not upload to RapNet. 
  • Jewelry can be listed with grading reports, images, videos and documents, such as appraisals.
  • Jewelry must have a minimum of one image to display in a buyer’s jewelry search results. 
  • We recommend that you provide as much jewelry information as possible and upload media. This increases the chances of your item being found.

Jewelry Upload Methods

We offer 2 methods for uploading and managing jewelry inventory on RapNet:  

  • Single jewelry upload  
  • Multiple jewelry uploads using a CSV file

Single Jewelry Upload

On RapNet’s single jewelry upload page,  upload a single jewelry item in 2 steps:   

  1. Create Lot: Include product description, price, location, metals, and gemstones 
  2. Upload Media: Upload images, videos and documents for this item 

Click here to go to RapNet’s single jewelry upload page. 

Multiple Jewelry Upload

You can prepare and upload a jewelry inventory CSV file directly to RapNet.

  1. Prepare jewelry images: Save & name ***
  2. Prepare inventory data: Fill out jewelry information on a CSV worksheet using one of these methods:
    • Download & use our CSV template 
    • Use your own inventory file or a blank XL worksheet 
  3. Refer to  RapNet’s Accepted Fields and Values to ensure data is correctly filled out. 
  4. Save in CSV format 
  5. Upload: Login to RapNet > Upload Jewelry > Multiple 
    • Browse & upload the CSV file > follow upload wizard 
    • Browse & upload images

*** Images automatically connect to jewelry items if the image file name matches the stock number.

Jewelry Media Upload

Members can list jewelry with multiple images plus one video.

  • Jewelry will only display in search results when uploaded with a minimum of one image. 
  • Use RapNet’s Jewelry Media Library to help you upload and manage jewelry images.


RapNet’s Jewelry Media Libary supports image uploads and connects & manages jewelry images. 


  • We accept jewelry images in jpg or png format. 
  • Images must be a minimum of 1280×1280 pixels. 
  • Image filenames matching the item’s stock number auto-connect to the correct jewelry item.
  • Upload one by one or using a zip folder.


We accept Vimeo and YouTube only.
Copy & paste the video URL into the single upload form or the video link column in the inventory file. 

Grading Reports & Documents

  • Upload to your Documents Library one by one or in a zip folder. 
  • We accept reports and documents in jpg or png format.
  • Reports and documents must be a minimum of 1280 x 1280 pixels.

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