Rapaport Developer and API Docs

Welcome to Rapaport’s Developer and API integration guides.

This platform is a core part of Rapaport’s mission to support our members with diamond pricing information and selling opportunities.

These documents explain how to connect to Rapaport’s API’s, integrate the Rapaport Price List to your diamond software, connect your systems or inventory with RapNet, and use RapNet Instant Inventory to showcase diamonds and jewelry in your online store.

API Overview & Setup →

To get the most value out of RapNet, our API are designed to enable companies of any shape and size to build robust integrations into their software, website or RapNet itself.

Rapaport Price List →

The Rapaport Price Lists are the diamond industry’s primary source of diamond price information for the diamond trade.

Upload Diamonds →

Depending on your RapNet plan type, you can upload diamonds for sale on the RapNet website. Diamond inventory can be listed with grading reports, images and videos.

Upload Jewelry →

Depending on your RapNet plan type, you can upload jewelry for sale on the RapNet website.

Instant Inventory →

RapNet Instant Inventory enables you to showcase thousands of diamonds or jewelry items from RapNet’s global suppliers on your website as a virtual store.

Tech Updates →

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